Lesley Fraser: Coaching

Most of my coaching work is with business owners or leaders, one to one.  Our coaching conversations are focused, challenging and reflective.  My purpose is to help you think strategically and innovatively, identify and critically evaluate the options and take well-considered action.  Coaching is as much about seeing an opportunity as about solving a problem.   I often describe my work as ‘helping you hear yourself think deeply and decide deliberately.’   My goal is your success and often our initial work is to clarify what your vision of success actually is.

  • If you are an experienced leader our work is likely to focus on strategizing for your challenges and opportunities.
  • If you are building your leadership profile we could also focus on sharpening your leadership mindset and expanding your leadership style.
  • Or perhaps you suspect your leadership has become jaded.  Our focus here could include realigning to your own aspirations and values and re-establishing your direction.
  • Maybe your business or organisation is at a stalemate and people feel less connected to their work. I can work with you to champion effective, high-performance engagement
  • I can also work with others in your business where you see potential or where there is an alignment or relationship challenge