Lesley Fraser – Facilitation:

As a facilitator I can work with your internal teams or your external stakeholders, in small or large groups.   I’m usually brought in when a team or organisation challenge or opportunity emerges and there is a wide range of views about how to proceed.   Often leaders are seen to be too close to the situation to be objective.   As a skilled facilitator I probe for clarity, create a climate where people’s truth is heard, identify conflicting views, challenge assumptions and work towards an agreed way forward.   I manage any conflict in the room and am skilled at generating energy, motivating people to be engaged in the interactive process, to clear the air, refocus and revitalize.

As a skilled professional I can add value to your business by facilitating:

  • Strategic planning forums: clear and compelling plans, action oriented with strong accountability
  • A structured approach to building a high-performance / high-engagement workplace culture
  • Teams that work: generating the vision, agreeing ways of working, understanding barriers to excellence, articulating the challenges, priorities and focus and agreeing the way forward
  • Constructive engagement between management and unions
  • Conflict resolution with groups or individuals
  • Trouble shooting: analysis of the current state through a series of structured interviews, synthesis of the key issues emerging and recommendations
  • Community or stakeholder consultation forums