James Family

Thank you Lesley for helping our community to overcome the significant hurdles on our journey to forming an interagency approach to working with family violence.  Your facilitation skills have enabled us to achieve the first step of writing a Memorandum of Understanding that will assist us to tap into our full synergistic power.  As we have met to discuss sensitive and important issues you have skillfully guided us through the sometimes-rocky pathway by ensuring a safe, respectful environment and process. I know that the ‘hard stuff’ and challenges have to be part of the process within the formation of any group, but your courage while standing at the front and providing clarity promoted positive communication. The result was we were able to find some common vision, values, purpose, roles and responsibilities enabled us to be real about our own expectations and limits.  This process has been enormously valuable and will leave a long term and much needed legacy of inter-agency collaboration for our community. As the fund holders for this initiative it was imperative that the process move forward and achieve the objectives we were committed to. We are very grateful to you and look forward to working with you often in the future.

Maria Dysart

Service Manager

James family