Karen McLeod

When I was at a crossroads in terms of my job, I happened to read in the local paper that Lesley was speaking at a women’s health evening.  A friend and I went along and this time, Lesley’s address was so inspiring that I knew I had to meet with her.  Within days I had an appointment and I was really excited about having a one-on-one with her.  I felt sure that she was going to help me with my particular dilemma.

The appointment was for an hour and I wondered how we were ever going to sort out my issues in such a small timeframe.  I have always been a logical person well capable of solving my own problems but this one was beyond me.  The decision I had to make was important and would impact on my family, my partner and me.  I didn’t want to make a mistake.  I couldn’t do it alone because I was too close to see things clearly.  It required the kind of objectivity that friends and family can’t supply.

Lesley had everything clarified and sorted within 30 minutes – no kidding!  Then she said, “where to from here?”  So we spent the next 30 minutes or so setting small goals to take me ahead now that my big decision had been made.

I left Lesley feeling enormous relief and huge excitement about my future.  It’s been several weeks since our meeting and my life is changing in really good ways.  Lesley and I have maintained email contact about my plans and I feel hugely supported by her.

I would thoroughly recommend Lesley’s services. And I have!  A number of my friends and colleagues have asked how I had the courage to make the decision I did and I have told them that Lesley made all the difference.

Karen McLeod