Strengthening Leadership Through the Coach Approach  

The Leveraging Potential programme provides participants with a clear, solutions-focused process for planning and problem solving.   It puts a clear focus on the issue/topic at hand and keeps that focus.   The process helps to avoid assumptions and works to generate new thinking.   Above all the process keeps the responsibilities where they should lie and identifies action plans that people are committed to.

Planned outcomes:

Through the workshop and the follow-up one-on-one coaching participants will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of leadership styles and their appropriate application
  • Develop understanding of and competency in the Corporate Coach U coaching conversations model
  • Experience the power and value of coaching for themselves
  • Build their capability in the skills underpinning that model
  • Be in a position to apply their learning within the workplace immediately, effectively enhancing their own performance and the performance of others: clients and colleagues
  • Make major advances in the quality of their professional and personal connections
  • Increase their skills in understanding different personality types and how to best engage with them
  • Identify constructive applications of the model for wider use in the work environment

The process to achieve those outcomes

1. Pre-reading and preparation prior to the workshop:

The pre-reading sets the initial context of the programme.  Participants are also required to identify 5 genuine situations of their own to use in the workshop practical, skills development sessions.

2. Workshop:

One and a half or two days of highly interactive training.   Participants learn and apply the process and skills, step by step.  They also regularly reflect on what they have learned and develop their personal plans to apply that learning in their workplace.

3. Follow-up coaching:

Participants each embed the knowledge, skills and processes they have learned in the workshop through three half-hour one-on-one telephone coaching sessions.   These sessions hold each participant accountable to their action plans, further develop their own skills and knowledge and also provide them with the opportunity for personal coaching from a highly experience coach.


The value to the business or organisation:

  • Having a shared knowledge of an approach that can have wide ranging application such as problem solving, conflict management, strategic planning, meeting process
  • Having a community of learning where those trained are actively working with the approach and building their individual and collective skills in using it
  • Providing an approach:
    • that supports innovation and accelerates results
    • that improves organisational communication and team effectiveness
    • to handle conflict constructively, maintaining focus on the issues rather than the personalities

Lesley Fraser and Sally Webb, two very experienced and qualified facilitator/coaches, deliver the workshop.  The two-facilitator process ensures the quality of delivery and learning throughout the two days is consistently high, with both facilitators keeping their full focus on the training process, the impact that is having on each participant and the on-going dynamics of the workshop.