As you meet the challenges and opportunities in your business, sometimes there’ll be blocks and frustrations. That’s where coaching and facilitation can support you and your business.





My brand of coaching and facilitation:

  • gets to the essence of the situation
  • generates new thinking
  • is solutions and forward focused
  • builds a strong sense of commitment and accountability
  • makes things happen!

My Coaching Process is:

  • with business owners, leaders or emerging leaders
  • focused, challenging and reflective
  • strategic and innovative
  • works with you to identify and critically evaluate the options and take well-considered action

My Facilitation Process is:

  • with your internal teams or your external stakeholders
  • in small or large groups
  • structured to generate high performance engagement

I motivate people to be engaged in the process, I probe for clarity and create a climate where people’s truth is heard, I challenge assumptions and work towards an agreed way forward, often in complex environments.

My brand of coaching and facilitation focuses on understanding the current reality, identifying a clear vision of success, deeply exploring options, planning the action and removing barriers.

That’s my work in a nutshell, I’ve been doing it for years and I love it! To find out more and see if I’m a good fit to add value to your organisation please contact me.