Karen McLeod

When I was at a crossroads in terms of my job, I happened to read in the local paper that Lesley was speaking at a women’s health evening.  A friend and I went along and this time, Lesley’s address was so inspiring that I knew I had to meet with her.  Within days I had an appointment and I was really excited about having a one-on-one with her.  I felt sure that she was going to help me with my particular dilemma.

The appointment was for an hour and I wondered how we were ever going to sort out my issues in such a small timeframe.  I have always been a logical person well capable of solving my own problems but this one was beyond me.  The decision I had to make was important and would impact on my family, my partner and me.  I didn’t want to make a mistake.  I couldn’t do it alone because I was too close to see things clearly.  It required the kind of objectivity that friends and family can’t supply.

Lesley had everything clarified and sorted within 30 minutes – no kidding!  Then she said, “where to from here?”  So we spent the next 30 minutes or so setting small goals to take me ahead now that my big decision had been made.

I left Lesley feeling enormous relief and huge excitement about my future.  It’s been several weeks since our meeting and my life is changing in really good ways.  Lesley and I have maintained email contact about my plans and I feel hugely supported by her.

I would thoroughly recommend Lesley’s services. And I have!  A number of my friends and colleagues have asked how I had the courage to make the decision I did and I have told them that Lesley made all the difference.

Karen McLeod

Director Maritime NZ

“During the early days of the Rena response Bruce Fraser led the team that developed and implemented the community volunteer programme.  This volunteer response effort was well-organised and an example to the rest of the world.  Bruce worked tirelessly to make this initiative successful, ensuring that the community was well informed so that they could do their bit to help.”

Catherine Taylor ex Director Maritime NZ

Central North Region 
Ministry of Education

Bruce Fraser was contracted to co-ordinate work between the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Development Youth Service Managers in four of the seven pilot areas. The pilots and the Ministry’s role in them were not well defined.  Bruce showed initiative in developing the relationship, defining the role of himself and the role of the Ministry of Education in supporting the Youth Service managers.  Bruce was able to provide support to the very high level projects which were being closely monitored by Ministers across a number of government agencies. Bruce’s co-ordination, support, expertise and knowledge all contributed to the successful launch of the pilots and the embedding in of process and practice. Bruce delivered a high level of work in the communities and within the Ministry.  Thank you for your professionalism and expertise, it was greatly appreciated.


Jackie Talbot 
Manager Education, Curriculum and Performance 
Central North Region 
Ministry of Education

Wasley Knell Consultants Limited

“I have known Bruce for a number of years and in particularly have requested and been provided with communications advice over along period of time. I have found the advice as being ‘on the mark and sound, timely and able to be effectively implemented. He is also able to communicate effectively with a range of individuals, groups and politicians. This is important in ensuring there is an understanding of the relevant communication messages and at the same time listens and understands the perspectives of others. I have no hesitation in recommending the services that Bruce provides.”

Bill Wasley


Wasley Knell Consultants Limited

Port of Tauranga Ltd

“Your relationship building skills and sound processes significantly helped to develop positive working relationships between iwi of Tauranga moana and the Port Company so that we could progress a potentially difficult situation. I would be happy to endorse your work to others. Bruce used advanced relationship building skills and sound processes to help the Port company progress a potentially difficult situation. Bruce used advanced relationship building skills and sound processes to help the Port company progress a potentially difficult situation. Bruce’s advice is on the mark, sound, timely and effective. He communicates well with a range of individuals, groups and politicians. I recommend his services.”
Tony Reynish Operations Manager Port of Tauranga Ltd

Ngati Ranginui Iwi Society

“On behalf of Ngati Ranginui Iwi Society your involvement and contribution in enabling our Iwi to “continue” to be represented and participate in the CIA Report project is truly appreciated. The Port should be acknowledged for having the foresight to engage someone of your calibre who is able to express an appreciation and respect for both the Port’s and Tangata Whenua’s aspirations.”

Kimiora Rawiri CEO Ngati Ranginui Iwi Society

Key Research Ltd

Bruce provided a very professional and timely service for an urgent piece of work we needed done. His work was high quality and his advice, planning and editing added to the value of our project.”

Michael Hooker, Managing Director Key Research Ltd

BOP Regional Council

For me the clincher was in learning to assess what was important to me in my life and where my career needed to go to suit this.   Working with Lesley helped me realise the skills I have developed and it also opened up options and made me realise that “yes, I can do that”

Kerry Gosling

Environmental Education Coordinator

James Family

Thank you Lesley for helping our community to overcome the significant hurdles on our journey to forming an interagency approach to working with family violence.  Your facilitation skills have enabled us to achieve the first step of writing a Memorandum of Understanding that will assist us to tap into our full synergistic power.  As we have met to discuss sensitive and important issues you have skillfully guided us through the sometimes-rocky pathway by ensuring a safe, respectful environment and process. I know that the ‘hard stuff’ and challenges have to be part of the process within the formation of any group, but your courage while standing at the front and providing clarity promoted positive communication. The result was we were able to find some common vision, values, purpose, roles and responsibilities enabled us to be real about our own expectations and limits.  This process has been enormously valuable and will leave a long term and much needed legacy of inter-agency collaboration for our community. As the fund holders for this initiative it was imperative that the process move forward and achieve the objectives we were committed to. We are very grateful to you and look forward to working with you often in the future.

Maria Dysart

Service Manager

James family

Quay Accountants

I came to the ‘Strengthening Leadership through the coach approach’ programme because I knew there had to be a better way of directing the team and I wanted to make sure I had the skills and knowledge about how to use coaching effectively.   This programme made me realise that there are coaching moments and that different styles of management are appropriate at different times with coaching being one of those styles.   It taught me to recognise coaching opportunities and how to implement the coach approach.

I feel much more confident that the success of coaching comes from the recipient of the coaching as well as the coach.   I now have the confidence to use coaching at the right time, with the right people for maximum effectiveness for both parties.

I strongly recommend ‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ to anyone who is managing staff at any level, whether or not they think they are doing a good job already.

Mark Jenkins


Quay Accountants

The Whakatane Beacon

Lesley Fraser has helped our company in a number of ways and we have found her services very valuable, a great help to us.

Lesley spent a couple of days with our management team of six working on strategic planning. With Lesley facilitating we developed an excellent vision for our company, which has been very useful. From that we worked on a 5-year strategic plan, identifying key objectives with accompanying action plans. The process went very well with good input from everyone and our aims achieved. Lesley used her management skills to get good feedback from everyone in brainstorming sessions and working groups.

Other work that Lesley has done for us included an exit interview for one of our staff and help with conflict resolution. The resolution work included a meeting with a manager and myself and then individual meetings with the staff involved. It was helpful to have an independent person with Lesley’s excellent people skills involved to help improve relationships. She carried out her work efficiently producing useful reports and helpful suggestions for improvement.

I would recommend Lesley to anyone who needs such work; she is excellent to work with, friendly, pleasant, and helpful with good knowledge and skills.

John Spring.

Managing Director.

The Whakatane Beacon.