Lesley Fraser – Workshops:

I also offer highly interactive, practical workshops which focus on building your business or organisation’s ability to deliver quality to your clients and stakeholders.

These workshops are customized to meet the particular needs of your business or organization.

For example:

Your mindset as a leader

  • For leaders and emerging leaders

Strategic Planning

  • Where do we want to go and how will we get there?

Constructive engagement for high performance

  • Typically 66-70% of organisational change effort fails and typically employee engagement is as low as 25-30%.   A deliberate focus on embedding constructive engagement principles and practice into your business or organisation is a key means of lifting productivity and performance.

Strengthening Leadership Through the Coach Approach

  • A flagship programme that is proven to extraordinary results
  • Providing managers, leaders and aspiring leaders with a framework and skills for effective engagement
  • A clear solutions-focused process for planning and problem solving
  • Designed and delivered by Lesley Fraser of Fraser Consultants and Sally Webb of Sally Webb Ltd

Teams that work

  • For any team at any level
  • For teams that may not be functioning well, and also for teams that have new and exciting challenges ahead

Why have systems?

  • The value of explicit processes which are documented, used consistently and revised continually as the demands of the work and clients change
  • Identifying the key priorities for system improvement
  • Aligning the system improvements to the business or organization road map

Making values explicit

  • What are the values that underpin the business or organization?
  • How can they add value on a day-to-day basis?
  • What are the behaviours that make the values explicit?
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